Control Your Data with VPN Split Tunneling

Split Tunneling Lets You Decide which Apps are Protected

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Control Your Data with VPN Split Tunneling

How Does Split Tunneling Work?

VPN Split Tunneling is a popular VPN feature for people who have limited Internet speeds or use services that would otherwise be blocked by your virtual private network. Rather than sending everything through the encrypted VPN tunnel, some apps can be excluded.

You also could use VPN Split Tunneling to access both foreign and local Internet services simultaneously. If you are trying to access content that isn't available in your region, you can do so while still browsing or downloading from local IP addresses.

These are only some of the Split Tunneling features you get on PrivadoVPN.

Why Would a VPN Split my Data?

Faster Speeds

Faster Speeds

When you have limited Internet speeds, using a VPN can noticeably slow down your apps. One way to deal with this is by using Split Tunneling, which excludes the apps you don't need to protect, freeing up more bandwidth for the important apps that transfer sensitive information.

Games can also be excluded in the VPN split. For simple games, especially, this can make a huge difference in latency and loading times.

Unblock Services

Unblock Services

Not all apps work well with a VPN, and can potentially not work while connected to the VPN server. This can cover games, local servers, restaurant apps, and several others.

With VPN Split Tunneling, you don't have to completely disconnect from your VPN in order to use any of these apps. Instead, you can exclude those apps from VPN protection. If they don't transfer personal information, you don't necessarily need VPN encryption and can bypass the tunnel.

What Are the Risks of Split Tunneling?

The biggest risk associated with VPN Split Tunneling is that you are voluntarily excluding certain apps from the protection that a virtual private network offers. If you aren't careful, you could put sensitive information at risk of being seen or recorded by your Internet provider or third parties.

The best practice for keeping your data secure while using VPN Split Tunneling is to only transfer your personal information like passwords, financial data, or downloads through a secure VPN connection. For apps that don't transfer that sort of information, you should be safe allowing them to be outside of the encrypted tunnel.

VPN Split Tunneling Gives You More Control

Get faster speeds and the best possible security by using a VPN. Connecting to a VPN protects your digital identity in two ways:

  1. Free VPNs hide your IP address, which changes your virtual location. This is a great privacy feature of free VPNs.
  2. Free VPNs encrypt all of your data so that governments, corporations, hackers, or even your own Internet provider can't see your online activity.

You can either pick a virtual location from any of the hundreds of available PrivadoVPN servers or let our app find the best server for you. Sign up today and connect to our ultra-fast servers to protect your Netflix account.

Frequently Asked Questions

Split Tunneling with your VPN gives you greater control over your data transfer. It allows you to choose what apps will be protected by the VPN tunnel. Not every Internet service needs to be protected by a VPN, like recipe apps or mobile games, and it could be slowing your connection.

By excluding those apps from the VPN tunnel, you could experience faster Internet speeds, unblock apps that don't work with your VPN, or access both foreign and local data at the same time.

A VPN works by building an encrypted tunnel between your device and the device you're trying to access. The history of VPNs starts with the development of tunneling protocols, in fact, and we still use them to control how the VPN handles data.

A VPN tunnel is the data that surrounds your data while it's being transferred to keep other people from being able to see it. To make split tunneling work, PrivadoVPN doesn't access the data from apps that you exclude.

Not every VPN thinks that split tunneling is worth the effort. By giving users the opportunity to exclude certain apps from VPN access, they are opening their subscribers to potential risk. The investment of time and resources it takes to include split tunneling into their VPN apps is never even considered.

However, we find that this is a very US-centered view on the part of these VPNs. Many European, Asian, African, and South American countries don't have the infrastructure for high speed Internet. They are much more limited by local bandwidth, so it's imperative that they be able to choose what to spend that on.

However, just because their Internet isn't particularly fast doesn't mean that they don't need protection for their personal data.

Currently, we only support Split Tunneling for Windows, Android, and Amazon devices. Our developers are working on expanding the VPN feature to our iOS and macOS apps.

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