Access PrivadoVPN on Multiple Devices

Protect up to 10 devices with one account.

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One PrivadoVPN Account Secures Up to 10 Devices

Now you can protect up to 10 Internet connected devices with a single PrivadoVPN Premium account. You no longer need to worry about whether to activate your VPN on your laptop or your phone, you can protect them both, as well as the phones, tablets, and streaming media devices of the rest of your family.

If that weren't enough, you can manually install PrivadoVPN on your home router using our detailed step-by-step guide and protect everything on the network while only using a single slot!

In our increasingly connected world, each new piece of technology brings a certain amount of risks for every reward, from personal digital assistants that could be listening to things going on in your home to streaming services that might act as back doors for hackers and other ne'er-do-wells. When you also consider that any unsecured device could be the entry point to other devices, it's best if you protect everything that connects to the Internet. With PrivadoVPN, you can without breaking the bank to do so.

Protect All of Your Devices Wherever You Go


Protect your desktops and laptops from spying and anonymize your online activity at home or out and about with the PrivadoVPN app.

Mobile Devices

On a phone or a tablet, you can make sure that everything you send and receive on it is encrypted, sent through a secure tunnel, and routed through our extensive server network.

Streaming Services

Whether you're watching on an Internet-ready TV or using an add-on device, you can protect your stream with PrivadoVPN.


You don't have to choose what devices to protect while you're at home. Install PrivadoVPN on your router and protect everything connected to your network.

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Why You Should Have VPN Access on Multiple Devices

One Door Can Bypass All Your Security

Imagine that you owned a house and spent tons of money securing the front door, installing a gate, putting up cameras, only to always leave a window open. Data security needs to be total to be the most effective.

Defend Your Home Office

Whether you work from home or own your own business, you need to keep your data safe from hackers, corporate espionage, and data leaks. PrivadoVPN can keep your company's information private.

Keep Your Family Safe

Every member of your family could be sending emails, entering passwords, or chatting online and accidentally giving out information that endangers them. PrivadoVPN helps significantly reduce the chance of that happening.